about this project

although apparently nothing is really my main photoblog (and more of a porfolio of my photography), i wanted to challenge myself with a side-project to take a photo a day, no matter what. and so, this secondary photoblog was created with the utterly original title of: 2009.apparentlynothing. the aim here is to post a photo a day which means these photos will most probably be more personal with regards to what i am doing each day, and perhaps a little less varied than usual. i’ll try not to post too many photos of my cat.

for more about me, feel free to visit my obligatory about page.

how did i do?

  • january: success! all 31 days.
  • february: feeble. only 13 posts. a combination of guests visiting, busy with work and a pulled back. i did take a lot of photos, just didn’t post many.
  • march: i’m a loser. only 12 posts.
  • april: wow. i really am pathetic at this. 11 posts only. pathetic!
  • may: 17 posts. better.

other projects

being social

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